Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 made me feel that I am running out of time.

Today, I woke up looking forward for 2018.  But I felt something different, I felt, I am running out of time.  These are the effects of talking to the millennials about my ripe old age and sit around talking about the good old days, and where will I be?

So, I checked my Instagram account and checked on my 1st post for 2017, this is what I posted.

This is what I posted in January 2017.
But not everything fall into right place.  Some were good, some were okay, I think.
  • MORE SLEEP:  I wanted to catch more sleep and I guess I overslept my 2017.  It was so fast and there's a lot of things happened.
  • MORE MUSIC:  I would say yes, I did more music and started to appreciate the latest songs in different genre.  But when boredom strikes, I still end up listening to my alternative rock music :)   I wanted do more music in my life but I mismanage my personal time when it comes to playing instruments and writing songs.  I wish to do more in 2018.
  • MORE TEA:  Yes and I am looking forward to stop the coffee next year.  Tea to 2018 :)  Shall I say a healthier version of me in 2018.
  • MORE BOOKS:  Yes, I read hard bound books of I think 7 of it this year and some are online books.
  • MORE SUNSETS:  I am not a fan of sunsets, I love the SUNRISE!  I WANT MORE SUNRISE!  2018 IS MORE SUNRISE!!!
  • MORE CREATING:  I wasn't that creative this 2017.  I hope to do more on this department in 2018.
  • MORE LONG WALKS:  During the Ramadan in 2017, long walks became my "me" time.  It was the moment, that I got a time to talk to "him" and arrange my future plans.
  • MORE LAUGHTER:  There were ups and downs in my 2017 and the downs took 70% of my entire 365 days.  The 30% was hard laughs though, something memorable.
  • MORE HUGS:  I am blessed with friends that I can trust.  Then, met new friends.  There are so many good people in this world that are for-keeps and the bad one's, I unfriended them.
  • MORE DREAMING:  I really wish I can remember my dreams when I wake up.  But nah...  I am still dreaming of my first 10 million :)
  • MORE ROAD TRIPS:  2017 was most likely about my city trips.  No road trips around the Emirates.
  • MORE FUN:  Oh yeah, I had fun in 2017.  My old friend Pat and Ycheng came to visit me in Dubai after a decade.  Fun was spontaneous.
  • MORE LOVE:  I am so ready to love, but where to find "the one".
So, where will I be?   I'll be long gone, in the ground, dead.

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