Friday, March 11, 2016

4 of 40 Go on holiday with your best friends (40 THINGS YOU'D DO BEFORE 50)

4.  Go on holiday with your best friends.  (looking forward for more adventure with my BFFs)
  • My BFFs and I already did this last year 2015.  We went to Boracay Island, Philippines, it's not other countries, but it's an hour flight from Manila (insert a little sense here :).  It was a memorable experience and extra special because it was Regies's 40th birthday celebration

  • The adventures were endless
An hour flight from Manila to Aklan
30 minutes lantsa ride

This is the Lantsa
Tricycle ride to the hotel
  • Board paddling 

  • Swimming

  • Long walks

  • Booze and Food

  • Games 
  • The best one was watching the sunset in the middle of the sea on a private "paraw" while my left-hand was holding the camera and the other was the champagne. 
Sunset watching while in paraw

Gorgeous sunset in Boracay Island, Philippines

On the katig of a paraw

Beautiful sunset

These are our happy memories in Boracay.  Vacation 2015.

We are all looking forward for the next vacation this April 2016 in Palawan Island.

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