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4km Finisher, Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 2016


Dubai Marathon 2016

It was an awesome day.  Started stretching at 8am on 22nd of January 2016.    The weather was perfect for cycling and running.  I cycled from Al Khail Gate to Al Wasl near Umm Suquim for 30Km in 40 minutes.  It was my first time, and it wasn't bad.  I was so energetic when I arrived.  Meet up friends and made ourselves ready for the 4km run.  The 4km run was actually tiring on my side as I am not a runner but the fun was something made me look forward for the next weekend.  After the 4km run, have to leave and cycle back to my place for another 30km.

I guess the best part, was the cycling including the challenges.  I was using a single speed fixed gear bicycle plus the obstacles that I have to go through.  Watch the video :)

Cycle from Al Khail Gate to Al Wasl near Umm Suquim and back. Then Ran for 4km.

Al Qudra Cycling Path

My friend and I went for cycling in Al Qudra for the first time and we liked it.  The cycling path and the view were amazing.  It is free and the toilets are clean.  We will definitely going to come back.

Life is like a pedal.  They can push you down but you'll always come back up.

TGIF with friends!

Who?  Tati, Don Robb, Paul, Kat, Sharday and Jeremy.
What?  Thank God It's Friday!!!
When?  15 January 2016
Where?  Botanica in Dubai Marina.
Why?  We keep missing each other.