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Ibañez and Gibson - Guitars that all rock-star-wanna-be dreamed of.


Happy day - is when you accomplished a lot of things in a day.

Yesterday, was a happy day for me, as I accomplished lot of things.

1.I sold my stocks and gained more than expected.  

2.Finished reading Bo Sanchez’ books:

-Conquer your Goliaths – 7 keys to overcome every problem that prevents you from reaching your dreams.
-My maid invests in the stock market – and why you should, too.
-How to turn thoughts into things – Use the law of the harvest to fulfill the desires of your heart

3.And I officially stopped drinking coffee and instead, I am now drinking green tea.

Get financial freedom!

I love my job!


Health and Wealth

I have been busy lately working out, watching my food intake and at the same time, managing my monthly expenses to make sure to get my financial freedom for 2013!
Think positive and be positive!