Friday, August 31, 2012

Ever since I started using blackberry, I've became more active in social media.  (I didn't use addictive, because I am still not :).  

One of my favorite services in blackberry is, the BBM or blackberry messaging.  BBM is very useful as this gives me the ability to contact family & friends for free and unlimited (depending on your provider's social media package).

Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger and GoogleTalk, connects me instantly right in my pocket and in my palm.  If only, I have a budget for iPhone and Galaxy S3, I would like to have them all and check their performances :)

Meantime, enjoy life!  (If you are not logged in to your facebook account, it will just show you unavailable page.  Make sure you are login to able to view my facebook, then hit subscribe).  Thank you in advance. You might be interested with my daily blatherings, then hit follow. You might one to see what interest me visually, then hit follow. You might one to see my professional acomplishments and background.  Check it out. I am so proud to say that my very first XHTML tutorial book is available now.  Hoping to write more tutorials in the future.

I do have tumblr account, but I am inactive on it.  You can always visit my blog at or you can send me a message at

Love, Peace & LoL

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I just newly joined and so far it is the same as any other social network, I have to invest my time with it (which is worthy).  Than having a coffee and talking about somebody else' business :)

The advantage of pinterest and any other social media is, it showcases your online presence or your business in a low cost.

Pinterest combines the 2 elements in social media.

1.  Visual content; and
2.  Sharing who you are.

So, get your pinterest now :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pancake + Strawberry Jam = Homemade

As I woke up today, I felt so hungry and pancakes was in my dream.  So I check my kitchen if I still have the ingredients.  Luckily, I still have 1 cup of flour.

Here are the ingredients:

1 cup of flour
1 tsp of baking powder
1 cup of milk
1 egg
Butter or oil

Bit them all together (except the butter) and rest it for about 15 minutes. 

1.  Heat the pan in medium
2.  Put a little butter (or oil)
3.  Add the mix and once you see little bubbles, it's time to flip it on the other side.

That easy. 

For the strawberry jam recipe, check out my previous post about strawberry jam.

Friday, August 10, 2012

At The Top - Burj Khalifa

Some people thought that Dubai is a country.  Actually it is a city and the country name is United Arab Emirates.  The capital city is Abu Dhabi, and to know more about it, start googling now.

I was invited to proxy a friend and experience the top view at the tallest building.  I immediately grab the opportunity and grab my nikon D60 to capture the moment.  I took so many pictures that day, but the 2 pictures are my favorite.

The tallest building is located in Dubai.  Burj Khalifa (  

Hopefully in the coming month, I will be there to visit the place again.