10 gears I use, to make myself sane at home.

That's me.  I took that picture today to reveal the gears I have at home.  Also, I am going to submit this picture to "365 Photography Club/Contest for 2012" by Michael.  For more information here's the link.

My gears are:

  1. Laptop
  2. USB hub
  3. external bubble Speakers (amazing sound from A/L and thanks to MA)
  4. external mic (from Creative, good performance and mostly used in skype)
  5. external Keyboard & Mouse (just fancy)
  6. extended 36" TV (mostly used for coding and watching movies)
  7. 3 external Hard Disk (1TB, 150GB, 120GB)
  8. 2 thumb drive (4GB & 1GB)
  9. e-cigarette (display.  I'm not a smoker)
  10. post-it (for reminder).  I don't like using the e-post it, cause I still end up missing out something.
So there it goes, what are your gears?


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