Saturday, January 07, 2012

The best Christmas gift!

I remember when I was a kid, my parents made us believe that Santa Claus was the one giving gifts in our empty-hanged-cleaned-beautiful-socks in the plastic-made christmas tree. 

The gift was nicely wrapped with ribbons and cards.  I would say, they spent time wrapping it and there I was, opening the gift in 10 seconds with my tiny hands. 

When I turned teen, there were no more Santa Claus, but rather they give cash as a gift.  So, it will be easier to buy the things I like. 

After college, entering the world of young professionals, I was the one, wrapping the gifts for my family.  It's the other-way-around.  Buying gifts, thinking what to give and wrapping it up.  But seeing them, opening those gifts with the smile, enthusiasm & giggling were really something, something worth watching.

Now that I am middle-age, far from home, far from family and no relatives/family in Dubai.  But still, I got a gift that it doesn't need a gift-wrap, ribbons or cards.  It is all online and it is intangible.  She gave me a beautiful gift and that is : and

The feeling of opening the gift when I was a kid is the same feeling when I got the confirmation that it was successfully registered.  Again, thank you so much MA for the gift.

I guess, there's no turning back now for my Q1 project and this is it, it's for real.


-but still i would love to have that guitar though :)

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