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Video: Google's Halloween Doodle 2011

Corn Salad

1 can of sweet corn 1/2 onion (diced) 1 tomato (no seed & diced) 2 tbsp jalapeno (diced) depending on your taste. 1 small cucumber (diced) 2 tbsp freshly squeeze lemon juice salt and pepper (depending on your taste) salt & pepper

4 Proper way of deleting a local profile for Windows 7

Proper way of deleting a local profile.  Tips, Tricks & Tweaks for Windows 7.

1.  Go to:  Control Panel

2.  Choose:  User Accounts

3.  Choose:  Configure advanced user profile properties

4.  Delete any local profiles

No blog updates for almost 2 months.

OMG!  My last post was on August 14, 2011 and that was the only post I did for August.  September is zero, no blog updates at all.  

When I started this blog, all I wanted is to have 365 blogs for the year 2011.  I guess, I already failed that.  But I hope its not too late.

August 2011 was a memorable month.  I'm not going to elaborate on this further, but I would say, I love what had happened and what is happening now.  August was also my nephew and Dad's birth month.  I miss them both and I miss my family.

September 2011 was also memorable and full of positiveness.  It is my birth month and 2 of my other siblings.  This was also the month that I realize that I was surrounded by good people/friends.  Thank you God.

October 2011 another month that my family and I celebrates too much of birthdays and festivities.  I wish I was home to celebrate it with them.  I also have a bad experience for this month, but I will not elaborate on that more, as I am looking forward for more positiv…