Thursday, July 28, 2011

blah blah blah of the day

i've been thinking what to publish today.  then, i got a chance to sneak peak my previous post and they were mostly my personal blatherings and the food experiments.  i think, it's time to copy and paste the previous post i have in my old blog (  and the first thing to post is something that is informative.  why am i copying it?  i am thinking of removing the old blog and transferring it to this site.  i want to incorporate everything and anything that interest me into one location, and this is the right place.

i got to think as well, that maybe the reason why I dont get a call from employers was because this blog talks about personal stuff.  oh well, this is a personal blog, which incorporates all the things i like and i love.  as you can read in the sub-title of the page, it is all about me and my tiny world.

"geek, nerd, occasional photographer, rockstar wanna-be, food devotee, and serial tinkerer.  loves to blog and not a writer."

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