Monday, May 02, 2011

The Roles of Bloggers

I started blogging way back in 2002 when was still fresh and new. My first post was, "I got the Dubai driving license!" What I was thinking then was to make an online journey of my Dubai experience and let my family and friends read my blog instead of sending emails for updates. I thought that if I email them for updates (which they didn’t ask me to update them) it will just clutter their inbox with my emails. So having a blog, my family and friends can just visit the site and read when they have free time.

Then, I stop posting. I began to have doubt publishing my whereabouts online. I feel like, I am not ready to publish my life online. It took me some time to come back and used a different identity, as I am afraid that my opinion would offended somebody or they just criticize my grammar. Again, it stops me from posting. I've made several comebacks and one of them, were slicing my blogs from my personal blathering, photography portfolio and IT tutorials. Then, I realized slicing the blog makes it more complicated and non-sense. Blog is mine and it is about me-myself-and-I. So, this year 2011, I came back and I’d say “this is it, my blog-in-1”.

The other day, I registered in "World Blog Day", and it is sign for me to maintain this blog and continue my goal.

As you know, it seems everybody blogs these days. Chances are we read few of them intentionally and unintentionally (following a link from a search engine).

Blogs play a big role in the bloggers life and in the reader’s life too. It is the bloggers duty to provide a real good and informative blogs from positive to negative, advantages to disadvantages, about dogs to new gadgets in town, what's hot and what are not, opinions or points-of-view, so-on-and-so-forth. Make sure readers are spending a good time reading your post.

I listed down the roles of bloggers in my opinion.

1. Be responsible and accountable for the words.

2. Bringing attention to the issues and news that are (you think) important/interesting and readers will benefit.

3. I will do my best to keep the blog post interesting as possible to be worth adding in your favorites.

4. Offering viewpoints to the readers, perhaps to have open conversation/comments with the readers.

5. Providing facts and reason to consider other points of view.

6. Be sensible, polite and respectful.

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