Sunday, May 08, 2011

20 Things about my Mother.

Since I am in Dubai and Mom is in Manila, I decided to blog about this special occasion.  I hope my other siblings would do some thing to celebrate it with her.  So, here are my random thoughts today. 

1.  She's a strong woman.  Why?  Read more.

2.  She knows what she wants and she don't want.

3.  She spank us in our butts when we were kids.  Take note, in our butts only and not on the other parts of our body.  She make sure that we still be physically fit in the end.  Those days, spanking in the butt is part of discipline.

4.  She gave birth at home without anesthesia on her first 6 children.  7th and 8th she finally gave birth in the hospital with anesthesia :)

5.  She has an awesome love story to tell :)  

6.  She's a good cook.  We have maids when we were growing up but she make sure that she cook our food and not the maids.  She's afraid that they may not clean the vegetables or the meat properly.

7.  She's funny!  She's like Nova Villa (Philippine actress).  One day, when she was doing her normal talk to us "sermon", I recorded it (casette tape).  The next day, she made her "sermon" again, which is the same topic as the other day.  I told her not to talk so she won't get tired, we will just sit and listen.  I played the tape and when she heard herself she started laughing!  She get a stick and I started running out the door LOL!

8.  She fired my nanny when I was a toddler because she saw the nanny threw me in the bed.

9.  She fought fiercely when she saw that my brother was down on the floor fighting with 4 men and she joined the fight...and on the mud.

10.  Even though my other brother is the worst as what other people say, my Mom never give up!

11.  She make sure that all our clothes are ironed, regardless of how it look like (even if looks like a rug).

12.  She make sure that all the bed sheets, pillow cases, etc are all ironed.

13.  She talk too much :)  It's her hobby.  Just kidding, that's her.  She's like that.

14.  She saved 500 pesos every month for my 18th birthday.  She started saving when I was only 10.

15.  She bought me my first computer.

16.  She always remind us not to make "kupit/picking money" in our mini-store.  She said to get any foods that we like in our store without limits.

17.  She have a schedule thing that she always do when we were kids and that is...  making sure that we drink our milk at 9PM.  But one day, she came to the school and looking for my brother who was in his 3rd year, she brought a glass of milk :)  Until now my brother are being teased about it.

18.  She did her best for all of us to finish college.  Her reason, she didn't finish hers and she want to see us with the degree.

19.  She love watching teleserye or TV series (drama).  Before the actress starts to cry my Mom already wiping her tears.

20.  She has been a good wife.  When Dad was in his worst health situation, she never give up, she gave him the best attention, caring and love till my Dad's last breathe.


I think, there are 1 million things about my mother.  I will blog about it on the next mother's day :).  Meantime, hope you enjoyed the first 20.


anino_mo_07 said...

Nice piece... I just want to add that despite her imperfections she's human after all.. moms as I call her has very deep faith in God.. it is that faith that keeps her going on and looking forward towards a new morning ...

Tati Carpio said...

Thanks Shobes! Happy mother's day to you too.

freeman141928 said...

mom's is a fighter she never give up to life's obstacle. kudos to you mom's we love you so much.

Tati Carpio said...

Thanks Tol! Yes, she is a fighter and the best! I wish her to see this blog.

Anonymous said...

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