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i was abducted by aliens

i will never forget this day.  thank you mitzi and jen.

I'm sorry.

Patawarin mo 'ko.

Act according to your age, even on facebook

Sometimes the teenagers act more mature than a 30 plus year old.  Just an observation from the facebook walls of those 2 age genre.
Teenagers post in their facebook walls are self expressions and whereabouts.  But with the 30 plus year old, saying “good morning” everyday on their wall is just so immature.  
Then the 30 some thing suddenly stop posting the “good morning” greetings when they feel that nobodies commenting on it anymore.  I bet those friends are annoyed replying back to the same shit every day.  
30 some thing years old should post some thing relevant, interesting and equivalent to your age.


I’ve been depressed lately and with that I don't feel like blogging.  I just tried to type something here today, because, I want to make a note of this event.I want to remember every pain that you cause.

Friday the 13th.

Yesterday was Friday the 13th and read about about it.

I was suppose to post this blog yesterday, but blogger was running the maintenance and didn't get a chance.  I wonder why they have to do it on Friday the 13th :) 

Same in the office, they run the intranet maintenance on same day.  So what the heck, I'll blog it now.

In Philippines we don't have 13th floor and even in the airport we don't have 13th cubicle line and that is because it is Satan's number or unlucky number or some thing bad's gonna happen.

Here in Dubai, we have 13th floor (and they don't have that kinda myth).  I remember working night shift and I have to prepare the laptop on the 13th floor, 3AM in the morning.  It was a big challenge for me, but I want to experience it.  So I did what I have to do.  On my way up from an empty lift, it suddenly shake, but I ignored it.  When the door opens, some force was telling me to go to the right and enter bu…

Ginisa sa sardinas na may misua at upo (my own version)

I'd like to dedicate this recipe to my friends who are abroad for a long time.  I'm sure you've missed this food just like me.  


Misua (good for 4 people)
1 upo
1 ligo sardines
1 sliced onion
1 tsp Salt 
1/2 tsp Pepper
4 cups of hot water
4 tsp of oil

1.  Magpainit ng mantika, 
2.  I-guisa ang sebuyas,
3.  Ilagay ang ligo sardines at durugin habang kumukulo,
4.  Ilagay ang 2 cups of hot water,  
5.  Ilagay ang misua, haluin ng mabuti, kapag nagda-dry or nauubos ang sabaw, lagyan ulit ng tubig.
6.  I-lagay ang upo.
7.  Hayaan kumulo ng 2 beses, kapag nag dry lagyan ng tubig.
8.  Ilagay ang pepper at salt, para magka-lasa (depende sa gusto ninyo).

Ang misua or mee sua or miswa ay isang manipis na maalat na chinese noodles na gawa mula sa wheat flour.  Ito ay nagmula sa Fujian, China.

Ito ay masasabi natin Filipino-Chinese food.  Madalas ito lutuin ng aking Mommy, dahil sa mura'ng ingredients at para sa walo niyang anak.

20 Things about my Mother.

Since I am in Dubai and Mom is in Manila, I decided to blog about this special occasion.  I hope my other siblings would do some thing to celebrate it with her.  So, here are my random thoughts today. 

1.  She's a strong woman.  Why?  Read more.

2.  She knows what she wants and she don't want.

3.  She spank us in our butts when we were kids.  Take note, in our butts only and not on the other parts of our body.  She make sure that we still be physically fit in the end.  Those days, spanking in the butt is part of discipline.

4.  She gave birth at home without anesthesia on her first 6 children.  7th and 8th she finally gave birth in the hospital with anesthesia :)

5.  She has an awesome love story to tell :)  

6.  She's a good cook.  We have maids when we were growing up but she make sure that she cook our food and not the maids.  She's afraid that they may not clean the vegetables or the meat properly.

7.  She's funny!  She's like Nova Villa (Philippine actress).  One…

It's been a year, may your soul rest in peace.

It's my brother's (Kuya Roger) 1st year death anniversary today.  My sister, message me in facebook that they are on their way to Laguna to visit my brother's family.

The urn was in Canada for a year with his wife and daughter.  This year, they decided to bury the urn to the cemetery. 

May my brother's soul rest in peace.

Born:  September 30, 1956
RIP:  May 7, 2010

10 Easy steps to renew your car registration in Dubai.

My 2 days off were fruitful.  I've blogged about "my own version" of Filipino dishes (see previous post).  The main reason I cooked was because, it was a celebration of the coming back of my car named "Tanya".  For 13 months, I was not able to renew the car registration due to my huge traffic fines.  2 days ago, I was so happy to see the new sticker and card of Tanya.  I am back on the road.

Having a car, you can go to the places without worrying that you might miss the bus schedule or the train schedule.  

Taxi in Dubai is expensive and that's why, car is a necessity.  I admit I enjoy riding the Dubai metro train and I guess that is one of the best project that the government provided for the locals, residents and tourists.  
Here's the procedure on renewing your car registration.
1.  Enter your car in the main gate (Al Wasel RTA).  The security will give you a token number (piece of paper) and give them your car, keys and old car registration.
2.  Go to co…

Sweet Potato (my own version)


Chicken Liver Adobo (my own version)


Pansit Guisado (my own version)


The Roles of Bloggers

I started blogging way back in 2002 when was still fresh and new. My first post was, "I got the Dubai driving license!" What I was thinking then was to make an online journey of my Dubai experience and let my family and friends read my blog instead of sending emails for updates. I thought that if I email them for updates (which they didn’t ask me to update them) it will just clutter their inbox with my emails. So having a blog, my family and friends can just visit the site and read when they have free time.

Then, I stop posting. I began to have doubt publishing my whereabouts online. I feel like, I am not ready to publish my life online. It took me some time to come back and used a different identity, as I am afraid that my opinion would offended somebody or they just criticize my grammar. Again, it stops me from posting. I've made several comebacks and one of them, were slicing my blogs from my personal blathering, photography portfolio and IT tutorials. Then…

International Workers' Day

It's our day today!  Congrats to all the people who work hard everyday to able to sustain a good life with their family.  In Philippines, some of the private companies celebrate this day and consider this as a Public holiday.  Anyways, it is Sunday today and its the weekend :) 

Today, in Dubai, it is Sunday and it is the first day of the week.

Enjoy the rest of the day!

To read more about International Workers Day, click here.