Monday, March 21, 2011

Dubai Traffic Fines

Isn't it cool that here in Dubai we can check our traffic fines online in a-click-away and pay online through credit card?  I like it, it provides convenience to the residents, and since most of us are always on the move, we need this kind of services to make sure we pay our responsibilities.

Check your traffic fines in this website

The only violations I made were about wrong parking in Ajman and in Dubai.  Just as I thought now, how come the wrong parking in Dubai is cheaper than in Ajman? 

When violations made, it will record black points to the car owner/driver.  In my case I don't have black points yet.  Thank God.

Black points are the total of offence or violations made, when it reaches 15 points. the driving license will be confiscated, the driver will have to pass a difficult test and pays a fine of 3000/AED.  When he passed the test and pays the fines, then he'll get back his license.

Radar = 500/AED
Cutting red signal = 1,500/AED instead of 500/AED for the first time and 3 days in jail for the second time.

Traffic accidents are the second major cause of deaths in the UAE.  Unsafe driving practices are common, especially in the inter-city highways where drivers tend to speed up.  There are also many unmarked speed bumps!

So please be careful.

Please note as well, that there are hidden cameras, so be safe and be responsible.

God speed everyone.

Dubai Traffic Fines and Offensive List.

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