Tuesday, March 22, 2011

4 Steps on how to EXPORT & IMPORT Registry file.

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In my previous post "2 techniques to set the num lock ON by default."  I've mentioned that if you are not that techny to handle editing/using regedit, choose the easiest one. I realize I have to post this topic today, because on the following days, it will need more changes in Windows using the regedit.

Make sure before modifying your system registry, you have to have a backup. Registry contains all information on how your system runs. This backup will help you to restore registry in case any problem occurs after modifying.

Learn how you can export and import registry file before editing.  Backup the whole registry and also it's subkeys.

-  Click START button

-  Type REGEDIT in run box and click OK button.  Here you can export the whole registry or you can locate the required subkeys that contain the information that you want to edit.

-  Go to FILE menu option

-  Click EXPORT option for backup and save it with or on any of the system drive, .REG is the extension and you can restore this backup going file menu using import option.

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