2 techniques to set the num lock ON by default

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A user requested to turn ON the num lock on his keyboard. Obviously, I showed him the num lock key in the number pad and pressed it. He looked at me and said “I know that key already, what I like is to turn ON the num lock forever”.

There are 2 techniques to set the num lock ON by default.

1.  Configuring the script to change the num lock state.

Click START - RUN and type NOTEPAD, press enter
-  Copy the code below and paste it in the notepad editor

set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
WshShell.SendKeys "{NUMLOCK}"

-  Now SAVE this file with name “num.vbs” must include the quotes.
-  Copy this file to users' startup folder. The path for this folder is

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

-  Restart the computer. Num lock should be ON.

2.  Use the registry editor

-  Click START - RUN and type REGEDT32.EXE
-  Navigate to HKEY_USERS\Control Panel\Keyboard
-  Change the value for InitialKeyboardIndicators from 0 to 2.

My advice:  If you are not that techy to handle these things then please choose option 1, that is easier than using the registry editor in option 2 (registry editor is sensitive, if you make one mistake it might corrupt the whole system).


Tati Carpio said…
Hello Readers,

Before editing your system registry, please read the 4 steps on how to export & import registry file. You need to backup the registry file before changing anything. Kudos!

Here's the link.


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