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Earth Hour 2011

Dubai was one of the first Arab cities to embrace Earth Hour on 2008.  Since then they've been participating in this event.

March 26, 2011 from 8:30PM to 9:30PM, residents and businesses voluntarily show their support for the betterment of our planet Earth.  And this is a mark of team spirit against the largest threat to the planet earth, global warming.

With last night’s event as per DEWA (or Dubai Electricity & Water Authority) it saved a record of 204,000 kW/h of electricity and 122,000 kg of carbon emission and for all over the world who supported and participated in the Earth Hour 2011, thank you and congratulations, we just made a difference.

Oxford English Dictionary added new words, LOL and OMG!

Woke up today at around 10AM and login into my twitter account and found out that the Oxford Dictionary is trending up and they’ve just added new words.

OMG, LOL, and the symbol for “heart” have all been added.

So now, what does OMG, LOL mean to Oxford English Dictionary?

OMG [OMG int. (and n.) and adj.]: ‘Oh my God’ (or sometimes ‘gosh’, ‘goodness’, etc.)

LOL [LOL int. and n./2]: ‘laughing out loud’—are strongly associated with the language of electronic communications (email, texting, social networks, blogs, and so on).

These new words join other entries of this sort:

IMHO (‘in my humble opinion’) [IMHO at I n./1],

TMI (‘too much information’) [TMI at T n.], and

BFF (‘best friends forever’) [BFF at B n.], among others.

Hope they'll add these too:
LMAO (laughing my ass off)
ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing)
BRB (be right back)
AFK (away from the keyboard)
TY (thank you)
THX (thanks)
NP (no problem)

In other news LMAO is pissed off, LOL.

Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Emirates Palace Hotel is located in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of United Arab Emirates. It offers luxury service and with the latest technology.

My friends and I visited Abu Dhabi on 2009 hoping to capture some good images to able to join the photo competition. 

It was September and it's really hot.  The staff told us that we can have a quick picture of the Palace and so we took advantage.

I won’t be able to show you what’s inside the hotel, as I only got a chance to take a picture from outside.

I heard that this hotel provides a variety of luxurious services and good for vacation with family, business meetings or international conference.

Emirates Palace is surrounded by 85 hectares of landscaped gardens. 30 minutes drive from Abu Dhabi airport and 1 ½ hours drive from Dubai airport.

What I love in this country, they have been developing it with all the "best" that we can imagine. 

I hope someday, I'll be able to sit and relax in this luxurious hotel.

Thanks for passing…

360 Degrees Rooftop Bar in Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Jen's colleagues' Anna Maria (German) and Roderick (Portuguese) wants to chill out after a long day at work.  They have been overworked for 2 weeks and they want to sniff the ocean breeze to keep their sanity stable :)  We then headed to 360 degrees rooftop bar in Jumeirah Beach Hotel.  It was indeed a chilling place (since it is not summer yet).

It was everybody’s first time to see the place.  I’ve seen this place from afar and been wanting to checkout and as soon as we get there, we are in our big admiration, it is amazingly beautiful. 

It is overlooking the coastline of Jumeirah Beach road.  You can grab a shisha, and enjoy the oversized sofas and enjoy the air breeze.

After relaxing, we had a glance of the beautiful Burj Al Arab hotel.  The only 7-star hotel in the world.

What can I say?  If you're around the town and want to chillout, sniff the sea breeze, 360 degrees will surely satisfy your needs.

4 Steps on how to EXPORT & IMPORT Registry file.

As we look ahead into the next century leaders will be those who empower others - Bill Gates

In my previous post "2 techniques to set the num lock ON by default."  I've mentioned that if you are not that techny to handle editing/using regedit, choose the easiest one. I realize I have to post this topic today, because on the following days, it will need more changes in Windows using the regedit.

Make sure before modifying your system registry, you have to have a backup. Registry contains all information on how your system runs. This backup will help you to restore registry in case any problem occurs after modifying.

Learn how you can export and import registry file before editing.  Backup the whole registry and also it's subkeys.

-  Click START button

-  Type REGEDIT in run box and click OK button.  Here you can export the whole registry or you can locate the required subkeys that contain the information that you want to edit.

-  Go to FILE menu option

-  Click EXPO…

Dubai Traffic Fines

Isn't it cool that here in Dubai we can check our traffic fines online in a-click-away and pay online through credit card?  I like it, it provides convenience to the residents, and since most of us are always on the move, we need this kind of services to make sure we pay our responsibilities.

The only violations I made were about wrong parking in Ajman and in Dubai.  Just as I thought now, how come the wrong parking in Dubai is cheaper than in Ajman? 

When violations made, it will record black points to the car owner/driver.  In my case I don't have black points yet.  Thank God.

Black points are the total of offence or violations made, when it reaches 15 points. the driving license will be confiscated, the driver will have to pass a difficult test and pays a fine of 3000/AED.  When he passed the test and pays the fines, then he'll get back his license.

Radar = 500/AED
Cutting red signal = 1,500/AED instead of 500/AED for the first time and 3 days in jail for the second time…

Top 10 Foods To Fight Breast Cancer Risk

Foods and supplements can help prevent breast cancer and other diseases.  Below are the top 10 list that came up with.

1. CARROTS - may lower breast cancer risk by up to 221% and lower the risk of invasitve cancer.

2. GREEN TEA - consumption may reduce your breast cancer risk by up to 53%.

3. APPLE - A few apples a day may keep the breast cancer surgeon away.

4. FIBER - High-fiber foods may lower risk of breast cancer by up to 42%

5. OMEGA-3 OILS - from salmon and other oil-rich fish may reduce your breast cancer risk by up to 94%

6. FLAXSEED - may reduce breast cancer risk by up to 58%

2 techniques to set the num lock ON by default

Intellectual property has the shelf life of a banana – Bill Gates

A user requested to turn ON the num lock on his keyboard. Obviously, I showed him the num lock key in the number pad and pressed it. He looked at me and said “I know that key already, what I like is to turn ON the num lock forever”.

There are 2 techniques to set the num lock ON by default.

1.  Configuring the script to change the num lock state.

-  Click START - RUN and type NOTEPAD, press enter
-  Copy the code below and paste it in the notepad editor

set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
WshShell.SendKeys "{NUMLOCK}"

-  Now SAVE this file with name “num.vbs” must include the quotes.
-  Copy this file to users' startup folder. The path for this folder is

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

-  Restart the computer. Num lock should be ON.

2.  Use the registry editor

-  Click START - RUN and type REGEDT32.EXE
-  Navigate to HKEY_USERS\Control Panel\Keyboard
-  Change the value…

The Power of Prayers for the people in Japan.


Lord, I just want to say THANK YOU, Because this morning I woke up and knew where my children were.

Because this morning my home was still standing,

Because this morning I am not crying

Because my spouse, my child, my brother or sister, my parent does not need to be buried or to be pulled out from underneath a pile of concrete,

Because this morning I was able to drink a glass of water,

Because this morning I was able to turn on the light,

Because this morning I was able to take a shower,

Because this morning I was not planning a funeral,

But most of all I thank you this morning because I still have life and a voice to cry out for the people of Japan.

Lord I cry out to you, the One that makes the impossible, possible,

The One that turns darkness in to light,

I cry out that You give those mothers strength,

That You give them peace that surpasses all understanding,

That You may open the streets so th…

Madinat Jumeirah the Arabian hotel and resort in Dubai

,As a photography enthusiast, one of the eye captivating places in Dubai is Madinat Jumeirah.  It is one of the most breathtaking hotel and resorts in the world.  A friend and I took an hour walk-a-shoot in the place to capture the beauty of it and here are the pictures.

It has a traditional Arabic architecture and that box-shaped on the roof is the wind towers.  They used it during the old days when there was no air-condtion to cool the houses from the scorching heat in the summer.

The traditional Arabic architecture is blended with the canal that surrounds it. 

The Abra is a traditional boat made of wood, used to transport people across Dubai.

If you are in Dubai or planning to visit, put Madinat Jumeirah in your list, I can assure you, your stay will be as memorable as you like it.

First blog post.

Hello this is officially my first post.  I will be posting and sharing anything that pops up in my daily life.
I started blogging around 1997 using notepad and HTML codes.  It was like an online or digital library at that time, until blogging was introduced.  
Oh just I thought now, a friend of mine asked me to design their company website using html codes and wonder if it still exist.  Google time...

I'm happy to see that the first and second result were the 1997 version of my web designing and the third is now their official website.  Gosh it's been a long time.
I tried to search for my very first website by using a time machine and here how it looks like then...

Funny?  Really it is funny? There are advertisements automatically provided by angelfire and hey, I didn't get anything from those ads, maybe the angelfire did :)  What I like now is the obvious possibility that google adsense offers.  I hope that someday this blog will pay off all the efforts *crossing fingers*